Neykor - An Inspired Tour with Local Luminary

Published: 26 August 2015
Bhutanese are often considered the happiest people in the world. Would you like to learn more about how they handle stress? What is the role of meditation in your daily life and how can it help you? Why do Bhutanese hang beautiful colorful prayer flags all over the country?
Your only chance to join a tour led Dr Karma Phuntso, an imminent thought leader on Bhutan and Buddhism. He led just one tour last year and will only be leading one tour this year.
Dr Karma wrote the 704 pages History of Bhutan, the most detailed book on Bhutan, its founding and establishment. His other high reviewed book covered emptiness, its meaning and the discourse of this concept. He studied at Oxford and was the first Bhutanese to receive Oxbridge Fellowship.
  • Limited to just 16 travellers.
  • Daily guided meditation by Dr Karma
  • Daily discourse on Buddhism
  • Introduction to Buddhism and its origin
  • Introduction to the concept of emptiness
  • Enjoy USD 219 discount for early birds!
  • Read detailed itinerary here

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